About financial calculator


Financial calculator is only recommended for Finance major students. If your major is not Finance, you do not need to purchase this and you may leave this page.

If your major is Finance, having a financial calculator may save valuable time in the exam hall. That is because, you can perform complex financial calculations (for example, Bond Valuation, Yield, IRR, MIRR, NPV, PBP, Discounted PBP, Amortization, Correlation, Beta, Regression, and more) directly with a financial calculator in just one or two steps. Of course, you can also perform all those calculations with a good scientific calculator, but that will require multiple steps to complete, which will demand more time in the exam hall. 

Even if you are a Finance major student, purchasing a financial calculator is not a requirement, but it is highly recommended. Just think about this: how can you become a finance professional without knowing how to use a financial calculator?

If you are planning to buy one, you may choose any one from these models:

Texas Instruments BA-II Plus Professional

This is one of the most powerful financial calculators currently available. If you are planning to give FRM, CIPM, and CFA exam in the future, you should purchase this one, because this is one of those few models that are allowed in those professional exams. 

However, remember that this model is rather difficult to use, especially for those who use Casio calculators. It requires time and practice to become fluent. 

This is the recommended model for the students of Finance major.

Casio FC-200V 

Main advantage of this model is that, it is made by Casio and therefore, the interface and operating procedures are lot similar to other Casio scientific calculators. You may become fluent in just one or two days. But this model is not as powerful as the one mentioned previously. For example, it cannot calculate MIRR, Beta, and some other functions.

Click here to learn more about this model.

Casio FC-100V 

This is almost similar to FC-200V with the difference that, it cannot calculate Depreciation, Bond, and Break Even. This model is not recommended as Bond calculation is an essential topic in your syllabus. This model is mentioned here only because it is available in our country at low price.

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