Corporate Finance

This page summarizes the course "Corporate Finance" for Spring 2018 semester only. This summary may not be compatible to the same course completed in a different semester.


The shortest definition of Finance is that, "it is the science of fund management". This course takes the Finance major students to the root of this definition, from the context of public companies. The objective is to introduce the students to those very concepts and techniques that are widely used by the CFOs of big corporations. It covers capital investment rules, dividend and other payouts, cost of capital and capital structure, financial statement analysis, company analysis, and related issues. At the end of the course, students will prepare a comprehensive term paper, in which each student or group will analyze various financial aspects of a unique company.


After successfully completing this course, the student should be able to:

Course Materials and Calculator

Textbook (recommended purchase): Ross, S.A., R. Westerfield, and J. Jaffe. "Corporate Finance." 9th edition. Published by McGraw-Hill Education.

Lecture notes: Chapter-specific materials will be provided online. It is the responsibility of the students to collect or download those materials. You may visit this page to learn how to download lecture notes.

Calculator: Do not enter the classroom without calculator. Scientific calculators will do, but financial calculator is recommended. Click here to learn more.

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