Class History: Mathematics for Business (Fall 2017)

Course: Mathematics for Business (Fall 2017, MBA) 

This page summarizes all the classes (including extra classes) of the course Mathematics for Business (Fall 2017, MBA).

Class 0

September 8, Room: B2-104

Class 1

September 15, Room: B2-104, Time 8:30 - 10:27 

Courses outline distributed in the class. 

Orientation class: An overview of the whole course. 

Chapter 1. Numbers and digits. Single digit and multi-digit numbers. Integers and fractions. Zero and its properties. Order of operations. Exponents. Expressions and operations.

Class 2

September 22, Room: B2-104, Time 8:30 - 10:30 

A complete recap of the previous class because 67% students were new.

Class 3

October 6, Room: B2-104, 8:30 – 10:30 AM 

Two dimensional graphs. Chapter 2. Solving equations using substitution method. What does it mean by solving an equation (explained with graphs).

Class 4

October 13, Room: B2-104, 8:30 – 10:30 AM 

Linear equation solving using elimination method.

Chapter 3. Quadratic equation solving using MTB; quadratic equation solving using formula; logarithms.

Class 5

October 20, Room: B2-104, 8:50 – 10:30 AM

Break even related topics; BEQ; BEV; break even graph.

Class Test .

Class 6 (Extra)

October 24, Room: 602, Time: 4:00 – 6:30 PM.

Review of the whole midterm syllabus.

Class 7

November 17, Room: B2-104, Time 9:00 - 10:30. 

Chapter 4. Definition of price, cost, profit, revenue, and related concepts. Mathematical problems. 

Math 1. Fixed costs, price, variable cost, and unit sold are given. Find out profit. 

Math 2: Fixed costs, price, unit sold, and profit are given. Find out variable cost. 

Math 3: Fixed costs, variable cost, current price, and unit sold are given. Find out new price that will make the profit double.

Class 8

November 24, Room: B2-104, Time 8:25 - 10:30 AM. 

An introduction to matrix. Usages of matrix. Columns and rows of matrix. Addition and subtraction of matrix. Rules of addition and subtraction. Multiplication of matrix. Rules of multiplication.

Class 9

December 1, Room: B2-104, Time 8:30 - 10:30 AM. 

Summation and subtraction of matrix. Multiplication of matrix. Combination: summation and multiplication of matrix. Determinants of matrix. Solving 3x3 system using matrix.

Class 10

December 8, Room: B2-104, Time 9:10 - 10:40 AM. 

Chapter 7. Types of interest rates. Simple vs. compound interest rates.

Math 1: Find out F using simple interest.

Math 2: Find out F using compound interest.

Math 3: Compare the difference between 1 and 2.

Math 4: Find out N.

Class 11

December 15, Room: B2-104 

Piecewise linear models. Effective interest rate. Review of previously-completed topics.

Class 12

December 15, Room: B2-104, Time 12:00 - 1:15 PM. 

Makeup class. 

Review of the whole final exam syllabus. Problem solving.

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