Class History: Fundamentals of Management Information System (Summer 2018)

Course: Fundamentals of Management Information System (Summer 2018)

Total classes: 13 (12 regular classes and 1 extra class).

Class 1

May 11, Room 803, Time 5:00 - 6:15 PM 

An overview of the whole course and orientation.

Class 2

May 18, Room 803, Time 2:30 - 4:00 PM 

What is a system? What is information system? Common characteristic of information system. Functions of information system using an example of room heater. Information system activities.

Class 3

May 25, Room 603, Time 9:00 -10:25 AM 

Information system resources. Software and its definition. Classification of software: application software and system software.

Class 4

June 1, Room 803, Time 2:45 - 4:05 

Common business application software: word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet, PIM, email programs, office suites, browsers. Email programs in details: IMAP and SMTP. Differences between IMAP and POP. Software suits. Software licensing and EULA.

Class 5

June 8, Room 803, Time 2:30 - 4:00 

Functions of an operating system. Open source software. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness. Downsizing. Change management. 

(Last class before the Eid vacation) 

Announcement: MCQ quiz on 22 June on chapter 1 and 2.

Class 6

June 22, Room 602, Time 2:30 - 4:00 

Planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence vs. functional obsolescence. Planned obsolescence in computing and IT. Reality distortion field. Protection from reality distortion field and planned obsolescence. 

MCQ quiz.

Midterm Exam

July 6. Time: 3:00 PM. Room: 902

Syllabus: Chapter 1, 2, 3.

Class 7

July 13, Room 602, Time 2:35 - 4:45 

Telecommunication and networking. LAN, WAN, MAN, and P2P network. The last mile problem (mathematical problem: download speed). Usefulness of a network (mathematical problems: school example,  Facebook example).

Class 8

July 20, Room 602, Time 3:00 - 4:45 

Intranet vs. internet. Governing body of the Internet: w3c and ICANN (root zone database explained). Server and client computers. How the Internet works (including http status codes - 301, 302, 404, 5xx, 200). URL and various parts of it. Other topics discussed.

Class 9

July 27, Room 803 

How does web pages work: HTML language. 

Computer security. CIA tried. Rules for a good password. Password manager (Authy): uses, benefits, and risks.

Class 10

August 3, Room 803, Time 5:00 - 6:50 

The AAA concept of computer security. SSL certificate and secured sites. Email security: attachments. Email security: spams. Testing antivirus programs. Social engineering. Spoofing and phishing.

Class 11

August 10, Room 803, Time 5:15 - 7:00 

Difference between data and information. Data analysis tools. Data analysis using Excel: protecting spreadsheet, linking spreadsheet, filter, nested filter, charts, formulas, writing equal sign in formulas, functions (sum, average, countif, if), fixing a cell in autofill using Dollar sign.

Class 12

August 17, Room: IT Lab, Time 6:30 - 8:30 PM 

Data analysis with Microsoft Excel using formulas and nested formulas.

Class 13 (Extra)

August 17, Room: IT Lab, Time 8:30 - 9:00 PM 

Lab test. Instructions for assignment.

Final Exam

September 7. Time: 3:00 PM. Room: 601

Syllabus: Chapter 4, 5, 6.

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