Class History: Mathematics for Business (Summer 2017)

This page summarizes all the classes (including extra classes) of the course Mathematics for Business in the Summer 2017 semester.


Class 1

May 5, Room: B2-101, Time 8:45 to 10:30 AM 

Chapter 1. Digits and numbers; single digit and multi-digit numbers; properties of zero; orders of operations; exponent; expressions and equations; how to convert an equation into two dimensional graph. 

Class 2

May 19, Room: B2-101, Time 8:35 to 10:35 AM 

Chapter 2. What linear equations are and why they are called linear. Solving 2x2 system using substitution method (Problem set 2.1: Exercise 1, 4, 7, 17). Solving 2x2 system using elimination method (Problem set 2.1: Exercise 2). Solving 3x3 system - the basics.

Class 3

May 26, Room: B2-101, Time 8:35 to 10:35 AM 

Chapter 3. Quadratic equations. Solving quadratic equations using middle term break. Solving quadratic equations using the quadratic formula. Math: page 955, problem 11, 12, 14, 16.

Class 4

June 2, Room: B2-101, Time 9:00 to 10:00 AM 

Logarithms. Solving nonlinear equations using logarithms. Math: page 373, problem 41, 49, 55, 54. 

Brief review of midterm exam Syllabus.

Class 5 (Extra)

June 5, Room: B2-201, Time 7:15 PM to 8:45 PM. 

(This counseling class was arranged for those who missed first few classes) 

Review of the midterm syllabus. Types of numbers. Properties of zero. Solving 2x2 system using substitute method: problem set 2.1 no. 1, 3, 6. Solving 2x2 system using elimination method: problem set 2.1 no. 6. Solving quadratic equation using MTB procedure: problem set A2-3 no. 16, 18. Solving quadratic equations using quadratic formula: problem set A2-3 no. 11. How to plot an equation on a two dimensional graph.

Midterm Exam

June 9, Room B2-101, Time 9:00 - 10:30 AM. 

Syllabus: Chapter 1 to 3. [view results]

Class 6

July 7, Room: B2-101, Time  8:40 - 10:25 AM. 

Chapter 4. Revenue, cost, profit. Different types of costs -- direct cost, indirect cost, fixed cost, variable cost. 

Math 1: How to find out total variable cost, total fixed cost, and total cost. 

Math 2: unit of production, variable cost, and segment wise fixed costs are given. Find out profit. 

Math 3: find out break even quantity from math 2. 

Math 3: find out break even volume from math 3. 

Math 4: piecewise linear equation -- electricity bill (2 steps). Finding total and average cost.

Class 7

July 14, Room: B2-101, Time  9:25 - 10:35 AM. 

Chapter 7. Theory: Future value, interest, simple interest rate, compound interest rate, effective interest rate. 

Math 1, 2: Principal, number of years, and simple annual interest rate are given. Find out FV for 1 and 3 years. 

Math 3: Principal amount, compound annual interest rate, and number of years are given. Find out FV. 

Math 4: Principal amount, compound annual interest rate, and number of years are given. Terminal amount paid to the depositor is given, which is somewhat isss due to various fees. Find out the effective/ real/ true interest rate.

Class 8 (Extra)

July 14, Room: B2-301, Time 1:25 - 2:35 PM. 

This extra/counseling class was arranged for those students who will give the Makeup Midterm exam. 

Review of the midterm syllabus. Problem solving.

Class 9

July 21, Room: B2-101, Time 8:40 - 10:35 PM 

Solving mathematical problems of Ch.7: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Class 10

July 28, Room: B2-101 

Chapter 5. Basic concept of matrix. Summation and subtraction of matrix. Multiplication of matrix. Finding determinant of matrix. Solving 3x3 system using matrix. Solving problem no. 2, 4, 5.

Class 11

August 4, Room: B2-101, Time 8:35 - 10:40 

Matrix: combination of summation and multiplication. Matrix: problem no. 6. 

Chapter 6. Why calculus? Basics of differential calculus. Rules of differentiation. Power rule. Product rule.

Class 12

August 11, Room: B2-101 

Applications of calculus -- profit maximization. 

Assignment -- Click here for details.

Class test. Click here for details. [view results]

Final Exam

Syllabus: Chapter 4 to 7. 

Date: August 18 at 8:30 AM. [view results]

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