Management Information System

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This page summarizes the above-mentioned course for Summer 2020 semester only. This summary may not be compatible to the same course offered/completed in a different semester.


All types of business heavily rely on data. However, it is difficult to interpret raw data to make proper business decisions. To overcome this problem, data is first converted into meaningful information, using charts, graphs, reports, and dashboards. An MIS officer is designated to perform these types of tasks. This course provides the very basic knowledge and training to the business graduates required to perform the tasks of an MIS officer, including data retrieval, data processing, data analysis, automation, and security. However, students should keep in mind that this course only provides basic level training, and they must go deeper on their own effort if they really want to become an MIS officer.

Training Workshops

Several training workshops (labs) will be held during the class time (via Google Meet / Zoom). Students are highly advised to keep their Windows computer ready (by installing necessary software) before these workshops.

Contents and Lesson Plan

Course contents and lesson plan have been distributed via Google Classroom. Please login to Google Classroom to view those contents.

Course Materials


Students must have these programs installed on their Windows PC or laptop. All these programs (except the first one) are available for free download.

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