This page summarizes the course "E-Business" offered in the Spring 2021 semester. This summary may not be compatible to the same course completed in a different semester.

Program: BBA, Course code: BUS-3214, Duration: 3.0 credit hours.


Internet is a powerful medium for showcasing and selling products and services. It is assumed that the students already have a demo product/service and they also know the required marketing techniques (covered in other courses in the BBA program). This course will cover essential knowledge and skills required to deliver this already-existing product/service through the internet using E-commerce technologies. It encompasses hands-on lab activities backed by theoretical concepts. Students will acquire these knowledge and skills by practically building two prototype projects. No prior coding skill is required.

Learning Objectives

After successfully completing this course, a student should be able to build a fully-functional E-Commerce shop of their own including payment gateway using modern, reliable, and industry-standard technologies.


Training Workshops

Several training workshops (labs) will be held during the class time (via Google Meet / Zoom). Students are highly advised to keep their Windows computer ready (by installing necessary software) before these workshops.

Methods of Assessment

Course Materials

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